One Secret to Winning in Life and Business.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was telling me about a family member who had passed away. He didn’t have a formal funeral. Only a few family members gathered to remember him. Why? He didn’t really make a big impact on people with his life.

I’ve done plenty of memorial services in my life and I can say from experience, you can always tell the impact the person has made from the size of the crowd that gathers.

I believe that we all share three common desires.

1) The desire to be loved.

2) The desire to be happy.

3) The desire to do something that matters.

So what is the secret to seeing those desires fulfilled?

Give more than you take.

One important question you could ask about yourself or your business is, “Am I a giver or a taker?”.

We all can think of people and businesses that are takers.

It’s the person that is constantly expecting everyone to do something for them. They’re entitled and think they “deserve it”.

It’s the business that promises the world, takes your money and never lives up to the expectation they promised.

The problem is, nobody wants to be around that person or do business with them again. That person or business begins to isolate themselves from the very thing they were after to begin with.

In contrast, we can all think of a person or a business that are givers.

I know a married couple that are off the chart givers. They are constantly giving their time and resources to serve others.

They recently befriended a man who was previously homeless and have literally turned his life around. In fact, this man now has a great job, his own place and has 4 months of savings in the bank. Countless numbers of people would look at Bob and Barbara and tell of the impact they have made on their lives. Why? Because they gave more than they took.

Many of us would point to Chick Fil A as a company that gives more than they take. Even though it is a quick service restaurant, it almost has a cult following. The service is amazing (who hasn’t heard their famous, “It’s my pleasure” in the drive through window?), and they consistently give to the community. Their profits have skyrocketed. And they do all of this in spite of being closed on Sunday to give their employees a day off to be with their families and go to church.

So, if you want to win in life and business, give more than you take.

Because givers always win.

Who is one person or business you feel exemplifies the “give more than you take” principle?

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6 thoughts on “One Secret to Winning in Life and Business.

  1. George Fox paid it forward and gave me a place to stay and is helping me to get reestablished in life after being in a homeless shelter for 2 years. I thank God for him and consider him a brother!

  2. Bob and Barbara Baugh are an excellent example of Gods love at its best. They have helped me out so much. Its no wonder I call them mom and dad because they treat me like a son.

  3. My former next door neighbor. I could never out give him, no matter how hard I tried. He is still giving me help and encouragement even though he got married and moved away more than 3 years ago. He recently came by and helped me build scaffold and install some windows on the second floor. And he doesn’t just give to me, he gives to his new neighbors and the people at church. Any excuse he gets, he jumps in without being asked. He’s an amazing guy who exemplifies the spirit of giving.