How Disney Creates WOW! – Part 1

Create WOWMy fascination with WOW! started as a child going to Walt Disney World.

I’ll never forget my first memory of sleeping in the Contemporary Resort with the Monorail going through the middle of the hotel or going down the volcano slide at the Polynesian Resort and driving in the miniature Micky Mouse boats on Bay Lake.

It was all sort of a magical experience for a 10 year kid that was like being in the middle of the best possible dream that you never wanted to wake up from.

Years later, I would enjoy going back to Disney World with my future wife and then experiencing the parks with our children.

Experiencing the Magic Kingdom through the eyes of a child is something I think everyone should be able to do.  Heck, experiencing the Magic Kingdom through the eyes of an adult is something everyone should be able to do!


Because Disney knows how to WOW!  From the moment you drive through the character themed entrance, you know you are about to experience something special.

In this series of posts we’ll look at how Disney WOWs their customers and how you can apply those same principles to your organization to achieve WOW! results.

In the mean time, if you’ve visited a Disney park, what is your favorite memory or attraction? 

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4 thoughts on “How Disney Creates WOW! – Part 1

  1. My favorite memory of Disney World was when our children were 9, 7, and 3 years old. Our daughter (the 9 yr. old) had been more of a tomboy (no matter how many times I tried to introduce her to princesses and tea parties, she would have none of it). I understood where it was coming from….I, also, was a tomboy growing up as an only girl with 3 brothers. But, I was hoping that she would outgrow it sooner than I did.

    As she began to enter her tween years, I was starting to notice some “girly” behavior every once in a while. So, I was hoping that this particular trip to Disney World would finally convince her that being a princess, even if it’s just for a day, was a good thing….not to be!

    As you well know, when you enter Disney World the castle is the first thing you as you walk down Main Street. I told her that the very first thing I wanted to do is see the Cinderella Show in front of the castle. She was not all that interested in going but finally conceded…mainly because I told her we were going whether she wanted to or not :).

    The entire show, she just kept asking “When can we go….I want to go on some rides?” In the meantime, I was so enjoying and mesmerized by the show that I actually began to tear up. My daughter? Couldn’t wait to get out of there quick enough and when I got frustrated that she wasn’t having that same feeling as I, God quietly whispered in my heart that she is exactly the way HE made her! And for myself, well, I’m just a sap for a good love story…..and she will be too….ONE DAY!!! Little does she know…..she will always be our Princess!!

    • Kym- You know I had to work Disney in here somewhere. Thanks for sharing that story. I know you guys love your kids! And there’s no better place to enjoy together than Disney. (Until you get the credit card bill 😉 Have a great week!

  2. My favorite Disney memory would be too difficult to think of! I enjoyed going there as a kid and experiencing the magic through the eyes of a child. In my late teens, I had fun touring friends around the parks who were from other countries and never experienced any type of “theme park”. Then my future (and now) husband and I had fun seeing a few of the Disney parks together both with and without our extended family (aka my parents, sister, brother in law, and their 2 awesome kiddos)!! I must say, no matter what age you see the park at, it is guaranteed to “Wow” every single person!!!