5 Ways to Defeat Discouragement

We’ve all had a bad day from time to time. Sometimes that day turns into a bad week or month.

Life happens and we often times can feel like we got the bad end of the stick.

Maybe you were overlooked for a promotion, didn’t get the job or received a pay decrease at work.

It could be that a relationship has been strained lately or you got hit with some unexpected expenses.

A difficult child could be getting you down or things in general may not be going your way.

All of these can easily bring about discouragement if you let them. And honestly, nobody would blame you for feeling that way. It’s normal and natural.

The question is, how do you rise above your circumstances and not allow the situation to get the best of you?

The good news is, you can.

Here are 5 Ways to Defeat Discouragement:

1) Remember that your circumstance doesn’t define you. It’s easy to allow a setback to cause you to think negatively. Don’t let it. Your life is not defined by a tough time. You have been created for great things and this situation is just a small part of a bigger plan.

2) Choose to be grateful in the middle of the situation. Thankfulness is the key to focused happiness in life. It’s amazing how perspective can change when you focus on all the things that are going right, instead of things that are going wrong.

In addition, you may be tempted to think you are the only one going through a hard time, but there is always someone that has it worse.

3) Look for something you can learn from the challenge. Learning from our challenges is a huge gift that can make us better and be used to make others better in the process. Leverage it. The bitterness you may be experiencing can be turned to thankfulness for what you learned.

4) Remind yourself that better days are ahead. There is a great scripture in the Bible that says, “The end of a thing is better than it’s beginning.” Don’t focus on the setback, focus on the good that is coming next.

5) Do something that energizes you. A tough day, week or month can zap your energy fast. What is that thing that brings you life when you do it? For some, it may be as simple as a good nap to regain energy and perspective. For others it may be a walk or time with friends. Maybe it’s a movie, reading a good book, getting outdoors or prayer. Whatever the case, recharge your batteries. You need that and you will be better because of it.

Bad days are a part of life, but so are good days. Here’s to more good days ahead and defeating the discouragement in the process.

Be encouraged. You were created for great things.

Go live with purpose today.

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