5 Simple Habits That Improve Your Marriage

My wife, Jacque and I have been married for 21 years.  I can honestly say I love her more now than when we were first married.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is a great marriage is not the result of doing something that works once and living off that success for years to come.  A great marriage is the result of consistent simple habits that produce ongoing connection in your relationship.

A habit by definition, is an action or behavior that is repeated on a regular basis that brings about a specific result.

Here are 5 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Marriage.

1)  Hug and kiss daily.

In our busy lives it’s easy to go days or possibly even weeks without physical contact.  It sounds simple, but physical touch is a powerful thing that was designed to connect two people together.  For some, it’s easy to pick a “trigger” that reminds you to do a certain habit.  Possibly the trigger is getting ready for bed or  leaving for work.  Whatever the case, make time daily to give physical touch, even if it’s a quick kiss and hug to your spouse and you will connect easier on a deeper level.

2)   Share life giving words with your spouse.

We live in a world that can beat us up from time to time.  Heartfelt words, even if shared through text message, can bring life to your spouse and in turn, bring life to your relationship.  Don’t underestimate showing appreciation, affirming something positive about your spouse or a simple, “I love you.”.

3)  Pray together.

We happen to be people of faith.  There’s not much that brings two people closer together than a prayer.  Pick a time that works best for you, like before bed or before a meal.  I have to admit, we don’t do this as much as we should, but the times we do this have been great for our marriage. Make it a point to pray for each other and your marriage.

4)  Serve Each Other.

Jesus said, “It’s better to give than receive.”  The great thing about serving your spouse is that it ends up benefiting both of you. Husbands, can you pick one household chore a day to help around the house with?  Maybe putting the dishes away or throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine.  Studies show that most women are more attracted to their husbands when they perform acts of service.  Ladies, can you pick one way to serve your husband?  Maybe it’s cooking his favorite meal or doing something for him that he values.  Serving each other shows you’re willing to think about your spouse’s interests and not just your own.  In turn, it creates a strong connection between you both.

5)  Go to bed together.

I realize this may not be possible for couples where one spouse works a graveyard shift. However, when possible, make it a habit to go to bed at the same time together.  It doesn’t mean you have to fall asleep at the same time, but spending time together before you go to sleep has many benefits.

These aren’t the only helpful habits that can improve your marriage, but if you put them into practice they certainly will add value to you and your spouse.

Here’s to a great marriage.  Go be awesome this week.

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