10 Things I’ve Learned From 20 Years of Marriage

10 Things About MarriageI love learning from other people.

My wife, Jacque and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this year and I thought I would share a few things we’ve learned over the last two decades from others.

These things have contributed to us not just existing in a relationship, but loving being with each other.

No matter where you are at in your journey, maybe these principles will inspire and help you like they have us.

1) Keep God at the center of your relationship. Your spouse is a gift from Him.

2) Find a marriage mentor (couple that you can look up to) and learn from them. We had a couple that was that for us. We owe a lot to them.

3) What you won them with, keep them with. What attracted your spouse to you when you were dating? Keep doing that.

4) Find out your spouse’s “love language” and use that often. It is a game changer. You can find out for free here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/ .

5) Keep a regular date night. It doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve done subs on the beach or in a park many times. Be creative and mix it up. Don’t always do the same thing on a date night.

6) Talk things out, show grace and don’t hold a grudge when you are offended.

7) Look good for your spouse.

8) Get away at least one night a year with your spouse per year without kids.

9) Do things that will make your spouse happy, not just you happy.

10) Prioritize your relationship with your spouse. One of the best gifts you can give your kids is to model a great marriage.

There are many couples that have been married three times longer than we have (who I would love to learn from) and we are not the experts, but hopefully again, these few things we’ve learned inspire you in your relationship or future relationship.

Here’s to many more!

What is one thing you’ve learned that creates a better marriage?

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